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Top ‘Belief Statements’ @ Pardes

Posted on January 13, 2011 by David Bogomolny

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During Pardes ‘Recruitment Week’, we took a poll of Pardes students on their favorite ‘Belief Statements’. Each of 43 participants selected 5 ‘Belief Statements’ from a list of 45 that we drew from, as well as from online sources describing the ‘Belief Statements’ of various Jewish denominations. 

The poll is not statistically signficant at all, and no serious conclusions should be drawn, as less than 50% of the student body participated… but it was a fun project, and we decided to share the results with you 🙂 



The ‘Top 5’ turned out to be a ‘Top 6’ because 2 of them were tied for 5th place. 


Below is the legend for the chart above: 

Love your neighbor as yourself
Everybody has something to teach,
and everybody has something to learn
The current State of Israel is deeply significant
to national and religious Jewish identity
We should seek to bring creativity, relevence, joy,
and an all embracing awareness to spiritual practice
as a path to healing our hearts and finding balance
and wholeness--"tikkun halev"
Hashem exists
Hashem is One