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A Jewish Joke

Posted on February 18, 2012 by Naomi Zaslow

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Three hassids are walking in a park, taking about the glory of their Rebbes.
The first hassid shakes his head sagely – “My Rebbe is so great,” he says.
“Last week were walking in the neighborhood and came across a house burning. Oy! What a shame! But my Rebbe was unperturbed. He spread his hands wide and said ‘Fire here! Fire there!’ and WHOOSH, the fire went away!”

The second hassid nodded his head. “That’s pretty impressive. Still, my Rebbe is more wondrous. In the summer our bungalow colony was besieged my a flash flood. As the waters came rushing in, my Rebbe stood at the center of the colony and called out ‘Flood here! Flood there!’ and WOOSH, the waters parted!”

The last hassid has been silent until now. He had looked into his friends eyes as they told their stories, and been impressed with the wondrous works their Rebbes had accomplished. “My Rebbe,” he started slowly, “has not stopped fires or parted the waters of an impending flood. No, his powers are far greater than that. Last Shabboes we were walking down the street together in Brooklyn, and he was telling me a great drash on the parsha.” The hassid paused for emphasis. The other two waited with heavy anticipation; what great work could his sage preform?

“Suddenly, my Rebbe spotted a hundred dollar bill laying on the sidewalk. Raising his eyes to Heaven, my Rebbe proclaimed, ‘Shabboes here! Shabboes there!’ and WOOSH! He picked up the money and walked away!”


Shavua tov! u_n