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Archive: April 2015

Yom Ha’atzmaut and the Nakbar

Posted on April 21, 2015 by Michael Sager

67 years ago, May 15th 1948, David Ben Gurion declared the independent state of Israel. There were 600,000 Jews. There should have been more.  But 6 million were killed by the Nazis.  Many of these could have been saved.  But the British closed the gates, fearing Palestinian Arab violence if Jews were let into Palestine. Continue Reading »

Breaking the Silence or Stopping the Noise

Posted on November 4, 2014 by Michael Sager

Originally posted on my blog at Times of Israel. Today at the Pardes Institute in Jerusalem, where I am a student, we heard speakers about Hebron, the occupation, and the IDF. One of these was Shai Davidovich, educational director of the group Breaking the Silence. I asked him a question. Not very well. I tried to explain my problem. Continue Reading »