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Musings from Students of the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem

The Foggy Road

Posted on December 1, 2010 by Spirit Wolf

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The greatest gifts you will ever receive are love and life. And love of life, even when times are difficult, is an unstoppable force. Never forget that 🙂  Chanukkah Sameakh!


The Foggy Road

Fog descends before me.
The way ahead, a foggy mist,
The path behind, a distant memory.
To fight the damp, swirling unknown is to
Move mountains with a mere command.
It is not for humans to play G-d, to enter
A dark and dangerous game
In which the winner is foretold.

Some things are meant to be,
Others wear a misty veil
Until such time as the sun
Appears, farther along the hidden road.
The unknown is part of G-d,
Its very nature clothed with wonder, permeating past,
Present, and future.
“I will be what I will be.”*

The day proceeds, the fog lingers.
If I fight, to what avail?
To swat blindly a mist
That has no form, to
Challenge the very hand of G-d?
If I submit, for what purpose?
To wander blindly a road
That has no end,
To feel the damp cold of
An unknown future?
No, to submit is to be defeated, to
Fight a futile task.
To dance, to embrace the mist,
Caress the unknown, bless
The hand that gave me life,
This is to truly live.

The way ahead will never be clear,
The present often encased in fog and rain;
But in this mist,
In this existential pain,
Hope shines bright in the human soul.

For this we travel the unknown road,
For this we laugh despite the pain,
For this we embrace the mist as beautiful.
And every life that touches ours,
Every hand that holds our own,
Every soul that knows our name —
In these blessings, tangible yet
Of infinite value, G-d lives
In our world.
And in the love and hope we share,
We in turn embrace G-d.
And here, in this embrace,
We can move mountains…

* “Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh” (Shemot 3:14)