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Peer Teaching

Posted on September 26, 2011 by Andrea Wiese

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Part of the Educators Program is to do sessions of peer teaching. This means that each person has a session/lesson that they teach to the other educators.

Today was my first experience in being in a session. (We actually had two today because the teacher was sick last week, so she also did her lesson this week.) And wow! I learned so much from the sessions. First, as a student, I really learned the material. The first lesson was about Rosh HaShana, blowing the shofar, and when and why we do it. The teacher had us go to four different stations and listen to different audio bytes that represented the four different times/meanings of blowing the shofar. His pedagogy was really outstanding and he had a great presence in the classroom.

The second lesson was about Daniel and comparing the first two chapters of the book to Joseph’s story when he tells Pharaoh the meaning of his dreams. She had a good graphic organizer and really taught me about Daniel, a character that I only knew existed because a lot of people are named “Daniel.”

Both teachers were so different and yet so good. They both had such a strong teacher voice. They were patient and intuitive. I loved it! I am excited to get back into the classroom!