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Introducti​ng Shabbat Board!

Posted on November 17, 2011 by J. Belasco

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Hey Pardes!! I’m writing to introduce the Shabbat Board, which Ben announced at Community Lunch. The idea is simple: if you are looking for a place for a Shabbat meal, or if you are hosting and are looking for more guests, just send us an email letting us know which meal you want and how many people you are/can host, and then we match people up. Brilliant, no? We had this last year at Pardes, and it was a great way to make sure people had places for shabbat and to get to know different people in our community.

The email address for the shabbat board is shabbatboard AT gmail.

I’ll send a reminder next week, since I know you are all probably busy right now thinking about THIS week’s meals. And please email in if you are hosting, not only if you’re looking – having willing hosts is what really makes this project work.

Hooray for building Pardes community and sharing meals with each other!

– The Shabbat Board Committee