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Musings from Students of the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem


Posted on January 16, 2012 by Barer

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Thanks to the creative efforts of Amir Zinkow, Naomi Zaslow, Derek Kwait and Adrienne Silver, we have haikus for each and every one of the returning students (in alphabetical order).  Enjoy!

Benjamin Barer
Loves his Vancouver Canucks
Second year fellow

Jess C. Belasco
Editor, Pardes lit. mag.
Leins lots for egal

Aliza Berger
Premier opera singer
Gabbai: Egal

Eli L. Blacker
Comes to us from Korea
leopard winter hat

Samu’el Blumberg
Educates young Jewish minds
Recently engaged

Reka E. Bodo
NOT a feminist woman
Hungarian Jew

D. Bogomolny
Commonly known as ‘Bogo’
King of Pardes blog

Suzi P. Brozman
Former formal caterer
Knows Everybody

Austin ‘Dubya’ Clar
Sings niggunim in his sleep
Really from Dallas

Esther E. Dubow
Talmidat Chacham
Is quite a good cook

Nikki Figg:
super cute fashionista,
‘Nava Tehila’

Jackie Frankel:
Loves working with youth
fantastic singer, for real
oh! Watch out broadway!

Batya Friedland:
Taught kids in Thailand,
meditation in nature,
passion for chumash

Deborah Galaski:
PhD, Midrash
loves lip balm, hebrew and Ben
masterful baker

Anton Gershteyn:
From Mother Russia,
Watch his music videos
Take a cold shower

Heath Gibson:
PEP educator,
serious face but warm heart
Talmud champ

Rabbi Julie G.
Egal praying champ
very proud of kids

Sharon Z. Graets
H-U-C rabbi (maybe),
engagement! Mazal tov!

Sara T. Gunning
Palestinian kids’ teach
Hails from Chicago

Anne Hartheimer:
Mom from Oregon
Used to work with Computers
Left to learn Torah

Aileen T. Heinberg
She is 32. Say what!?
Has a PhD

Ben Heligman. Stud
Somebody feed him please. Now.
The friendly camel

Noa Hemstrom:
The lovely Noa
Always sweet and young at heart
Nurse extraordinaire

Laura Herman, eh?
Vibrant as her curly hair
Hails from Toronto.

Ms. Amber Ikeman
Feisty singer on the stage
Will sing her heart out

Stu Jacobs:
A family man
Who will be Jewish teacher–
Living the good life

Mr. Shaul Janes
Hawaiian Zionist
A tattooed jokester

Mrs. Leah Kahn:
Loves veggies, yoga and G-d
Hillel’s future boss

Eric M. Kaplan
Pro Jewish geographer
What a New York Yid.

William Keller,
has red hair power, curly
too. Just married, yay!

Kalie Kelman:
Second year fellow
Was born in Arizona
No, she’s not Asian

David Kwa:
From the Netherlands
Athens meets Jerusalem
Our philosopher

Derek ‘The Beast’ Kwait
Will win the Pulitzer Prize
Yizner in Israel

Tamar Landau:
A mom and lawyer
Has the two sweetest daughters
Husband Roy’s nice too

Kyle Lebell:
Thinker of deep thoughts
She wants to be a rabbi—
A win for the Jews

Joanne Loiben:
Life of the party
Future Jewish teacher, too
Students want her class

Andrew Lustig:
Sensitive and sweet
Pardes’ Poet Laureate
His hair=his mood ring

Adam Mayer:
Learns and prays with zeal
While carrying his daughter
Great Jew and great dad

Robert S. Murstein
Yeshayahu Leibowitz’
our grumpy old man!

Hannah S. Perlis
short, small, blonde, adorable,
will work with kids soon!

Rose F. Prevezer,
no one gets British humor
Big Ben; The Underground

Jordan S. Raber
Flowing, curly locks of hair
Soon-to-be Rabbi

Victoria W. Raun,
Makes fast announcements for lunch,
Our Fellow in Bet!

Ayal C. Robkin
Studies talmud in corner
Really good dancer

Samuel Rotenberg
He plays lots of instruments
Loves Septuagint

Lauren M. Schuchart
Penn State University
Will be a rabbi

Natalie Shnider:
Aus. oxymoron:
God-loving biologist
Knits at 24

Daniel Shibley:
Heart in Torah and Mishna
Mind in the gutter

Mira Shore:
Lib + Lib + Leib:
LIBeral, women’s LIB
meets N. LEIBowitz

Adrienne Silver
True Patriot love she commands
She like gevinah

Jacob Siegel:
Saves earth, knits, composts
60’s called. Want hippie back.
super postmodern

Jordan Soffer:
Master of improv
Loves Torah and basketball
Will be rabbi soon

Avi Spodek:
Always smiling
An animated learner
Jewish classroom bound

Andrew Steinberg:
Will be oleh soon
Ran Guatemala business
Short hair, giant heart

Esther Sterlin:
She is a PEP star
Who also goes by Mazel
Her soul shines Torah

Leah Stern:
Leah leins Torah
She can sing, dance, and act, too
A quadruple threat

Cheryl Stone:
Lovely performer
impressively plays with fire
also, takes photos too!

Diane Sarah Tracht
has a twin brother, so cool!
kills Hebrew grammar!

Eric P. Wehlitz,
at one with nature, gardens,
meditation too

Daniel E. Weinreb,
not an old man, except his back,
soon, high school teacher

Janice k. Weinstein,
passionate about Torah,
small but powerful

Andrea Wiese,
Was, is, will be a teacher
Refs the IFL

Ilan Weismark:
Big smile. Bigger voice.
Daytime, classroom his domain
Night, b-ball his game

Naomi Zazlow:
PizZAZ never LOW
Discriminates against Fleisch
But not human flesh…

Amir Zinkow:
Up late watching sports
Allotted 3 puns per day
Gemarrah? Yes please!