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[PEP Student] Checking in from San Fran!

Posted on March 5, 2012 by Cheryl Stone

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By Cheryl Stone

I’ve observed tons of classes (my mentor is taking that part of her assignment very seriously, no down time to work on prep for me)!

In Adv. Tanach, I got to see a great way to use Moodle and Google Docs to get kids started on their DoNows, review the material, get through a bunch of comprehension stuff,  & learn a little extra so the class really starts engaged.

Physics is awesome! Torah study really is like a science experiment, chevruta = lab partner.  Go gather data!  Let’s find a proof!

Sculpture: how to give a good critique? Start by saying what worked, move into helpful suggestions, use the terms you’ve been working with!

I actually did manage to teach one day 🙂 … Woke up early, left the house feeling like “what the hell am I doing?!  Mexico anyone?”  (that’s my backup plan in case all of this fails 😉 . So if one day I disappear, good bet you’ll find me on a beach in Mexico). And after teaching, I felt like crawling into a hole! Finally met with my mentor, and she said the class was great, pretty much looked like any typical class being taught at the school.  Yeah! I blended in! Turns out all those years of pretending that I could step in front of a group of people and speak are finally starting to pay off!

Now I’m trying to crank out a bunch of work this weekend so that I can go into the week feeling somewhat prepared, at least through Wednesday…

oh, and San Francisco is gorgeous!!!