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[PEP Student] Memorable Educator Quotes:

Posted on March 5, 2012 by W. Keller

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Here are a few impressions that members of the PEP program have shared during their student teaching interships in North America!

Esther Dubow:

I taught in Hebrew on Friday and it was no big deal, such a relief!

Joanne Loiben:

I am talking to my 11th and 12th graders about Poland today, slightly nervous because I am still kind of emotional about it. It is pretty awesome working with older kids in high school, but at the same time I really miss the smooshie elementary school kids who are so innocent and full of love!


Daniel Weinreb:

Things are good in Philly. Teacher is amazing – I think he could teach at Pardes. His 10th grade Gemara shiur is more or less at the same level as Yaffa’s class last year. Gulp. How do you teach students who are, at least in skills, at the same level you are?
Yesterday I finished at 6pm, went swimming for 25 minutes, got home by 7:30 ate dinner and went to sleep. Partly from teaching, partly from swimming and partly from getting up early.
The kids, the faculty, the environment are really superb.