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Insulation, please.

Posted on January 12, 2011 by Shibley

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Israel has been fortunate to be the beneficiary as well as the creator of a number of technological advances. Whether it’s cell phone technology, revolutionary care techniques for trauma victims, computer science advances, pick your area, and Israel is likely involved to some extent. Given the above achievements, why are Israeli homes and buildings insulated so poorly?

The summers can be unbearably hot, and the winters are not freezing, but cool enough to require the use of heat inside one’s home. If you are fortunate enough to have both air conditioning and heating in your home, why wouldn’t you want to insulate in order to keep the heat in/out or the cold in/out. Seems like common sense. Fiberglass insulation that allows for efficient heating and cooling would save all sorts of money and cause less of a strain on the electrical grid.

Then there’s the matter of windows. Weatherstripping is cheap and effective. Please Israel, use it! I know that windows and doors are one of the most difficult areas to insulate, but if you can feel a draft, it probably wouldn’t hurt to use some caulk or weatherstripping. I don’t get cold very easily, but when I can feel a draft, something should be done. We’re talking the opposite of nuclear science, it really doesn’t take much!

Hebrew phrase of the day; Kar li! “I’m cold”