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Judeo-Vegan Cross-post :)

Posted on March 17, 2011 by Bookie

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Hello out there in internet-land.  Yes it has been a very long time since I have last posted anything.  But I have been busy co-authoring an article, as well as working on some rabbinical school applications, scholarships, etc.

This is just a quick crosspost from my blog reminding some of you of a few really great resources for looking into Veganism, both related to Judaism and independent of it.

  • The Vegan Wolf
    This website is a useful tool for some good broad research into veganism.  Whether it is quotes you are looking for, reasons to tell yourself or your friends, or simply advice on becoming vegan and the practical application check this site out!
  • If this is kosher…
    This link will redirect you to PETA; specifically an article they wrote featuring a video by Jonathan Safran Foer about animal welfare as it relates to the kosher slaughter industry.  I advocate a completely vegan lifestyle but I know that for some it is not an option.  This doesn’t mean that conscious and compassionate eating is not an option either.  Like, Rabbi Adam Frank (see this article) I am vegan yet for those who wish to eat meat I at least want to ensure that the process is as concerned with animal welfare as is humanly possible.  This video points out that the kosher meat industry is far from perfect and for those who care about animals but still want to eat meat, it is something they should take into consideration.
  • And you shall be a holy people unto me…
    This website is a lengthy article by Rabbi Simchah Roth describing why it is imperative for observant Jews to be vegan.  This is the site for those looking to either convince others or themselves and is great for source material.  It might be a bit lengthy to take to lectures or classes, but it has such a wealth of information, and it speaks to those pushing for veganism from many different angles. Definitely, worth taking a look at.