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School Shopping

Posted on September 22, 2011 by Shibley

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Late last month I realized that I needed to purchase some basic school supplies. In the States, I imagine that CVS (among other stores) are still loaded with all sorts of back to school supplies, deals, tchochkies, lunch boxes, etc… Of course in CVS the back to school displays begin on July 5th and once school starts it will be time for Halloween, which isn’t for six weeks, but I digress.

I headed up to the Hadar mall where I knew I could find the old reliable Office Depot. I was looking for the following items: a multi-subject notebook, new pencils, and a couple new pens, not a very long list. I was greeted in the store with huge displays of notebooks, knickknacks, and sales. The store was mobbed with children dragging their parents from display to display, loading their carts with all sorts of new gear. For a moment, I was transported back to the late summer and early fall evenings when my sister and I dragged one of our parents to the Staples in an attempt to rid them of any retirement funds. Multiple children were also expressing their desire to get new clothing, shoes were popular. The Israeli children are just as whiny and kvetchy as we were, not that I’m necessarily surprised, just an interested observer.

So there you have it, the back-to-school mania is universal, and a perfect opportunity for capitalism to reign.


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