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Shekel Wars

Posted on November 15, 2011 by Andrea Wiese

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Hey mustache lovers!!!! 
We are starting shekel wars (originally penny wars) at Pardes! Put your agarot in the containers on the cabinet in the hallway of your learning level.

All-new Shekel Wars jars next to Pardes HappyGrams box


The containers say:
  •  רמת א Level alef
  • רמת ב Level bet
  • רמת ג Level gimmel
  • רמת ד Level dalet
  • רמת ה Level hey
  • כולל Kolel
If you are a “split” learner, please go with the level of your 3-a-week class.
You should put all the shekel coins and agarot in your level – whoever has the most shekels at the end of the month will win!!! But there is one catch! If you put shekel bills (paper shekels) into a different level, it will be counted as negative!! For example, say level alef is kicking butt and they have SO many shekels, so someone in level hey says, what are we going to do about this?? We can put a 20 shekel bill in level alef and it will deduct 20 shekels off of their score. 
What can a level win, you ask?? Well, first and formost, pride in your level and school for raising so much money for men’s health and for supporing Movember. Secondly, on Thursday December 1st, your class will get freshly baked chocolate chip cookies (and maybe milk)!
If you have any questions, please see someone with a mustache…or me!
Love, Andrea