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A good news day in Israel

Posted on February 12, 2012 by Rose

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Dear all,

Thank you to everyone who signed the letter or attended the demonstration in support of the proposed bill criminalizing the purchase of sexual service in Israel. Today we received the fantastic news that it was approved by the Justice Committee, meaning it will almost certainly make it through the Knesset and become part of Israeli law. This is a good day for Israel! You can read more about it here.

Also pasted below is a message of thanks from Rabbi Levi Lauer, founder of Atzum, one of the leading voices in the fight against sex trafficking in Israel.

Best wishes,


Message from Levi Lauer:

Dear All,

Mazal tov!!!!

Today’s vote in the Ministerial Committee to approve legislation criminalizing the purchase of sexual services is a victory f or all who seek to free Israel from the evils of sex trafficking and the degradation of women and children. The message is clear: human bodies are no longer for sale in an enlightened society; trafficking in sexual services and prostitution are no longer legitimate enterprises on our streets; clients who rape sex slaves and make women and children the victims of their perverse power are now criminals. I celebrate this decision together with MK Orit Zuaretz who tirelessly advanced this legislation; with Zahava Galon who fearlessly laid the foundations for this effort in the Knesset; with Minister of Education Gidon Saar who for many years and through many political thickets supported these efforts; with the many organizations and volunteers who brought this measure to wider attention; and above all with the staffs of ATZUM , Kabiri-Nevo-Keidar, and the Task Force on Human Trafficking wh o coordinated the information, legal and lobbying campaigns that brought us to this day. Now we need remain zealous in our insistence the enforcement and judicial agencies do all in their power and new authority to arrest, prosecute and punish the pimps and traffickers — and now the clients, who have far too long, too easily turned too many of our streets and neighborhoods into comfortable environments for the brothels and slave pens that are our shame and disgrace.

Levi Lauer
Rabbi Levi D. Lauer
Founding Executive Director, ATZUM