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Hebron 2012 Music Video

Posted on December 16, 2012 by Ben Macdonald

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Published on Dec 16, 2012
Machon Pardes’ 2012 trip to Hebron
Song: Diplo – Good Time
Editing: Benjamin Macdonald

While on the trip I really wanted to show a happy Hevron. Every video I see and experience I hear about is the intensity of the Hevron experience. A soldier stationed in Hevron spoke of a time when he was dealing with two Arab children who had been fighting. One of the boys went home, leaving the other crying on the side of the road. The soldier said he then tried to cheer up the child by giving him a chocolate pudding he had from his rations. He later found out someone had filmed him and edited the footage in order to make it seem as if he stole the pudding from the child.

Throughout the trip it was very hard to film smiles and the “happy times” of Hevron. A lot of the time I had to shove my camera in people’s face in order to get a smirk out of them. I then took this as well as any motion I could find, and edited it in the hopes of making it seem as if everyone was dancing and having a “Good Time.”