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Thank You from Abayudaya

Posted on March 25, 2013 by Rachel Rosenbluth

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Dear Friends,

This email is to send a huge huge huge thank you for all of your generous contributions towards the Namutumba Jewish community. In total, we raised 900 dollars (!!!!!), to help support the community! The money is going to contribute to full and complete seders, as well as to the education fund of the community. It really is a huge and meaningful contribution.

Here is a thank you note from the community leader, Shadrach Mugoya:

Unknown student, Allan and Shadrach

Unknown student, Allan and Shadrach

Dearest sisters and brothers,

I am taking great thanks to you and all the friends who contributed towards making our Seder colourful, and towards tuition. Indeed,thank you so much. I ask Hashem Baruch to reward you abundantly. We are going to have a nice Seder, but all this, is your effort. We could not have a nicer one if you did not help and support us.

About the seder – we will now have a number of things, like plates (so now we do not need to wait for others to finish eating before others eat), food, eggs, wine, suspans, light, fuels, bitter herbs, ground nuts, veges, fish, chicken, and seats.

The community members will ask many questions like why why do we eat bitter herbs,why do we eat matza, why did Hashem hardened the heart of Pharoah, is it fair for us to celebrate freedom when others do not have freedom yet we are all equal before God? If you were the ones, how would you answer such questions? I will do my best. I will also speak about light saying that we should and need to have everlasting light. Not this physical light, but light inside us. A light of helping one another,alight of mercy among others.

Thank you again, and wish you a nice seder.

Again, thanks for your contribution. Wishing everyone a meaningful and beautiful Pesach, for clarity, light, and liberation from our both our personal and global Egypts today.

Chag Sameach,
With gratitude,