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July 2nd – The Fabric of Normal

Posted on July 2, 2014 by Leah Lesch

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From my blog:

134h135ch… In the mean time, the Learning at Pardes continues to be stellar. The atmosphere is tinged with sadness, the funerals took place and families stared sitting shiva; but our learning continues and as one of the Rabbi’s said yesterday, Rav Kook would have approved that approach. As I learned today, Rav kook espoused that when faced with evil we must act with loving kindness and justice.

Memorial table set up at Pardes

Memorial table set up at Pardes

Today I had the good fortune to work in chavruta (partner style learning) with Danny Landes for a short bit – he is the Director at Pardes – a brilliant mind, colorful personality and incredible Torah scholar. My time with him was brief but memorable. Another session today was coincidentally, about Conflict Resolution led by Rabbi/Dr. Daniel Roth who heads up the Pardes Center for Judaism and Conflict resolution.

Later, Rosie joined me for lunch and one session called Rav Kook’s Greatest Hits, led by Gideon Weizmann who in addition to teaching is the Director of the PUAH institute for Fertility and Medicine. I got a real kick out of learning Torah with Rosie at Pardes in Jeruslaem. Wow!

All the rabbis and teachers at this Seminar are like a Who’s Who of Jerusalem. Everyone is so credentialed, you start to feel a little intimidated. It’s like a Smorgasbord of the finest minds. Back down here on planet earth, at our un-credentialed , modest apartment Rosie and I made dinner together.