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תולדות, toledot

Posted on November 8, 2010 by Avi Strausberg

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in last week’s parsha, rebecca turns to God to explain the incredible pains she is experiencing in her pregrancy.  she is told that she is carrying two people, two nations within her stomach – these two new nations will be realized through the twin birth of jacob and esau.  during the pregnancy, ויתרוצצו הבנים בקרבה, the boys struggled, they pressed against each other, in the womb.  before their births, there was already a coming together and pushing apart, a struggle that would continue with their entry into the world, when jacob grabs esau’s ankle.  and further, would lead to the fight for the birthright and the blessing, and the betrayal that results.  in the wake of the energy that ricochets between these two boys, relationships are severed, tears are plentiful, and loss is palpable.

two twin energies
create a magnetic field
sorrow fills the space

may the energies in our relationships be a constructive force towards a coming-together,