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Musings from Students of the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem

ירושלים של זהב

Posted on November 25, 2010 by Joel D.

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Traipsing on the Tayelet I peered a curious & precious treasure.
It caught, as queer contrivances often do, my one open eye.
The other eye of course closed for causes inconceivable,
Yet yearning as I do to quench my quizzical conquests I came upon it.
Little & late was I for it was lost & left me listless in pursuit.
I struck up a search to procure this potent prize,
But unbeknownst to me it was now moved to nowhere!
Woe was I to think when I had wanted & wished for this wonder,
That terrible times would turn my trip into a trial.
So I sought but all for nought & said sad I shall be & none will see,
Jewels & things like golden rings bring nothing to those who seek in vain.
But then I looked & had I but forsook one missing hook,
My tale yet undone the race not yet won nor had I any fun!
My goal of gold was not shiny nor hidden,
The treasure I sought was yet unbidden!
I grasped at stones with might so bold,
Yet the rocks I pursued were rather old.
For though you might think it was of rare gems I told,
No! The treasure I found was the City of Gold!