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Mural is Complete!

Posted on March 2, 2011 by The Director of Digital Media

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Check out THIS POST to read the artists’ descriptions of the AMAZING new mural at Pardes!

Remember the new mural at Pardes? Well, now it’s done – “props” go to Cheryl Stone & the Pardes Educators Program! You can click on the pictures below for larger versions:

The Completed Tu B'Shvat Mural

The 4 panels of the mural represent the 4 historic incarnations of the Tu B’Shvat holiday. The panels are listed below from Left to Right:

The Two Panels on the Left

  • Left, Panel 1:
    • Tu B’Shvat as a Tax Collection Day (during Temple times)
    • Artist: Carina Rock
  • Right, Panel 2:
    • Tu B’Shvat as a Zionistic Holiday (kibbutzim)
    • Artist: Cheryl Stone

The Two Panels on the Right

  • Left, Panel 3:
    • Tu B’Shvat as an Environmental Holiday (modern)
    • Artist: Coretta Garlow
  • Right, Panel 4:
    • Tu B’Shvat as a Day of Spiritual Wellness (Kabbalistic)
    • Artist: Malika Krasik-Geiger