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[PEP Student] Parshat Achrei Mot & Shabbat HaGadol

Posted on April 18, 2011 by Tamara Frankel

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Dear Friends,

Believe it or not – I’m in Jerusalem! And although I’m tempted to take a nap before Shabbat comes in, I felt it would be a bad way to start off my “spring season” of learning. So, I did some reading on the plane and managed to read over the parsha and special haftarah for this week. But what stood out to me the most were the articles I read in the Canadian Jewish News (CJN). For those of you who don’t know, the CJN is the national Jewish newspaper north of the American border.

In this week’s issue of CJN, there was an article on the front page entitled “The cry of the human heart”. Although it didn’t demonstrate an exceptional textual insight into the text of the Haggadah or this week’s parsha, I found it very moving and encourage all of you to read it.

Click the link below:

All I will add is this: as I came back to my apartment in Jerusalem today and passed the Central Bus Station where the bombing was several weeks ago, this article gives me hope that this Pesach will be the blossoming of redemption.

In the words of the biblical account of the Exodus (2:23-25) as described in the Haggadah, may it be God’s will that just as “we cried out” in Egypt, so too this Pesach God will “hear our voices”.