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Shrine of the Book – Postcard Commentary #3

Posted on June 29, 2011 by Daniel Weinreb

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2. The fountain on the Shrine’s dome – a symbol of purity and life.

Without question, the living standard is lower here. “Ahhh,” you say, “who sets the standards and what, or whom – do those standards serve?” A very good question! I could say the standard by which Israel would be ranked lower serves the interest of CPG (consumer packaged goods) manufacturers. 

My apartment is a converted cistern from 100 years ago, The “top” floor is ground level; no, it’s below ground level. And my bedroom is 14 feet underground. The walls are plastered white. The living room kitchen and study are all one room; the bathroom is so small that I could shower, brush my teeth in the sink and take care of my body functions simultaneously. Not that I care to try. I mention this because the water sprayed on the shrine is a rare example of largesse. Indeed, water is a good analogy for the scarcity of material resources here.

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