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The Pardes Sunset Project – Evening 2

Posted on November 2, 2011 by Heligman

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Too often the shades of our life are drawn and God’s magnificent colors are missed.  I am taking on this project as a means to stop and enjoy God’s brilliance.  For the month of November, each day I will document the evening sunset from the Pardes Beit Midrash. I hope you will stop and notice with me. And I hope we can all share a moment of gratitude.

Today I am feeling gratitude for the clarifying ability of disappointment.  At 4:51 pm I jumped from my chair and ran out of my afternoon class to the beit midrash hoping to catch the sun setting at it’s peak, but when I arrived I was disappointed. Was I too late? I had arrived after the sun came down, but the scene was still beautiful. On my walk home the disappointment was persisting and I realized why. I had seen the brilliance, but I missed the sunset. A sunset is not a 1 -2 moment of change. Like everything great in life it is a progression. This project is about experiencing that progression and appreciating how everything in the world blends into each other.  I saw the colors, but missed the artist. I saw the stars but missed their birth. I feel disappointed, but tomorrow will be different.

Sunset from Pardes Beit Midrash – 11/2, 4:52pm