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The Pardes Sunset Project – That’s the Rest of Em…

Posted on December 12, 2011 by Heligman

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Too often the shades of our life are drawn and God’s magnificent colors are missed.  I am taking on this project as a means to stop and enjoy God’s brilliance.  For the month of November, each day I will document the evening sunset from the Pardes Beit Midrash. I hope you will stop and notice with me. And I hope we can all share a moment of gratitude.

Today I am feeling gratitude for inspiration coming in all forms. As many of you remember Israel was showered with cloud storms and rain storms for most of the 2nd half of November. While the rain was beautiful and while the sounds of droplets felt fresh and cleansing to the soul, this put my project, my energy and my koach on hold. When the sun finally shown during the last week of November, I wasn’t present for it, I took pictures but didn’t have the energy to post. Thank you to my friends (okay maybe one friend – you know who you are!) for encouraging me to complete this project and reminding me that I can do it even in one chunk with thumbnail technology!  I feel very blessed for the good friends in my life and for the inspiration that is with us at every moment, evening, morning and afternoon.