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Quite Possibly the Greatest Passover Video Ever

Posted on March 24, 2012 by R. Murstein

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Dear Friends,

Over the past few years, my brother Jonathan has started a Jewish music group called Bagels ‘n Box that seeks to liven up ancient Jewish songs with the world-class beatboxing of his good friend Jay Stone, who made it to Hollywood on Season 9 of American Idol. They have spent a good part of the past several weeks filming and editing a pretty insane music video for Passover, having joined forces with a director in Brooklyn (Chris Cannucciari) to create 2+ minutes of unadulterated Jewish exuberance and hysteria. The video chronicles the life of our most iconic leader – Moses – from the Nile River all the way across the Red Sea (with a Seder and some hilarious footage in between). I hope you all enjoy Quite Possibly the Greatest Passover Video Ever. Please forward along to whomever you’d like.

Chag Sameach,