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The Fow Ti’s special practice

Posted on May 1, 2012 by AdAm Mayer

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First posted on my blog:

Every morning the Fow Ti would go out to a near by lake, and sit down with his feet in the water. In the winter the water would be cold, but still, he would stick his feet in the water. He would sit this way for some time before getting up and walking back to begin the rest of his day. He said that his feet were like fish, they needed to breathe in the water. He said that when one allows his feet to immerse themselves in water every day such a person will grow up thirsty for knowledge. He said that one who wears shoes all day and do not let one’s feet breathe will never be thirsty, and will never drink.

I wonder sometimes.

When I stand to pray my feet are united into one foot – like the angels. My feet are rooted in the ground, and even when I get lost in prayer my feet are always there to guide me back to where I am standing. I find this spiritual practice to be very helpful. It expands me. I can, at a single moment be in more than one place. My feet are on the ground as my head soars above – out of this world. And into places unknown. Or places known.

My feet are wet.