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My Documentary: Finding Israel

Posted on May 13, 2012 by Joseph Shamash

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When I‘m not busy studying Torah at Pardes, this is what I‘m working on! Check out the website for our documentary project, and check out our promotional video:

Here’s our story

Our mission is to show day to day life in Israel that goes beyond the current political conflict and the headlines seen in American media.  

So much gets lost in translation.

Our focus is to show the people and the land of Israel through the eyes of two young Americans.

Their adventures will entertain and inform you of what its really like to live in Israel and why its probably different than you have imagined.

About the film

Finding Israel documents the story of Levi & Joseph, two young Jewish Americans living in Israel for one year after a chance meeting on a Birthright trip.  How will they mix into a world steeped with religion, history, culture and conflict?  Watch their budding friendship progress as they challenge each other to step outside of their comfort zones and into the daily lives of Israeli society. 

The tone of this documentary is youthful, fun and energetic; aimed at a young American audience. Its purpose is to evoke curiosity and interest about Judaism, about what it is like to live in Israel as a young Israeli, and what it is like to explore living in Israel as young immigrant. Levi & Joseph’s dynamic backgrounds and personalities will provide a unique lens that will transport the viewer into the heart of daily life in Israel. It will follow their contrasting views as they discover Israel and in turn find themselves and their own paths in life.


  • To raise positive awareness of the daily lives of all Israelis.
  • To inspire others to explore their own spiritual journey in Israel and at home.
  • To understand the mindset of youth in Israel.
  • To contribute to a community of understanding between Israel and the United States.