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I found my heart calling to the Jerusalem stone

Posted on January 8, 2013 by Shoshana Rosen

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From my blog (10/30/13):

I shall follow the truths i do know to find direction to the big questions that I do not know the answers to.

So here I am, Heneni, I have Been living in Jerusalem for 4 months now. The last month and a half, I have hoped to put those questions on pause, to dive into Torah learning.

But I have found my heart calling to the Jerusalem Stone.

I could not deny it anymore, a love affair of 2,000 years is calling my name

“walk my streets

Breath my clean crisp air

Find the beautiful flowers

Narrow alleyways

And there my lover, you will find yourself”

So that is where I will be,

walking the streets of the majestic Jerusalem, with my scarf, colorful bag, and my Naot.

leaves of sky

leaves of sky