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[Video] One Wish Jerusalem

Posted on April 16, 2013 by Joseph Shamash

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One Wish Jerusalem is a reminder of and a tribute to our shared humanity. Shot in one day, in Jerusalem, we invited everyone who passed us at the outdoor market and the Old City to share a wish: an honest, human wish. In a country and a city often highlighted for the complexities and conflicts that arise from a divergence of dreams we invite you to connect to the beauty that is our shared ability to dream. To believe. To hope. To wish.

In commemoration of Israel’s 65th Anniversary of Independence we invite you to celebrate and to reflect with these faces in mind. To remember that independence is a constant struggle, for nations and individuals, and that the achievement of the most precious freedoms – freedoms that can only be measured in the love we allow ourselves to carry as gifts – rests on the individuals’ willingness to find humanity in and connection with those they walk the streets with. With those who wish in the same way, with the same purity, regardless of the language in which those wishes are expressed.

A very special thank you to the Iranian artist, Ali Molavi who inspired this video with a video of his own in which he asked the same beautiful question to fifty people in Tehran, Iran. See his video here:

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