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God Said to the students of Pardes

Posted on June 13, 2014 by Misha Brenner

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My words from the final Community Lunch of the 2013-14 Year
Program, based off the song "21 Questions" by 50 cent:

Mishmei DiRavi Misha Mishum HaRav NateDogg, Zichron LiVracha: Amar Hakadosh Baruch Hu LiTzurba DiPardes…

mishbrenGirl, it’s easy to love me now, but would you love me if I was down, and out, would you still have love for me?

If I looked like a bloody Karban would you still love me?
If I didn’t smell like Re’ach Nichoach, would you still hug me?
If my fire n’ brimstone in Devarim has got you feeling down
Would you still feel my love in your heart, so profound?
Baby, I now you got love for me, prayin’ at the Raz
But when you’re at fashion-show shul in Brooklyn, do I still glitter like Paz?
You love me at Pardes when Meir or Chayim gives you Mussar,
But when the principal tells you something you said to your students was assur…

Would you still have love for me?

When you wake up from your sleep,
A fire has burnt your sheep,
servants slayed by the Sabeans and Chaldeans,
Sons and daughters struck by a great wind
Then boils on your skin,
Do you believe Satan just hit the 3-pointer for the win?
When you become Shomer Negiyah just to express your Religious Identity
And it sucks when you can’t hug your friend – you still have love for me?
When you’re agnostic towards me, late in your life…
Do you lain MORE Torah for you small shul, cuz that’s what it needs to stay alive?
O girl, I’m sorry sometimes I hide my face, Hester Panim
But I still love you, you feel the same towards me?
Unconditional love can only work through a level of loyalty
For you to keep me in your heart, to you, whatever that means!
Cuz I guarantee I will be gone for a while, when you’re out of this bubble
But when your love source is diminished, my love for you grows double!
Cuz I’m still there for you when down, and out,

So will you still have love for me?