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Musings from Students of the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem

Return – A Poem

Posted on September 29, 2014 by Robbie Grabowitz

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Ro GrabI want to return to the past
In my mind I see a Golden Age
When I was Pure
Like Adam and Eve
Before the Fall
And in that age,
I was blissful and young
I could laugh
Really laugh! of a light-hearted but deep and Full Belly Laughter.

And I long for that past
I long to Return
Because I was There once
If I could only remember
I would get There again
I know it

My fire is made and all I need is a spark.
Then it would blaze like the sun.
And I would dance like only God was watching.
And I would sing like only God could hear me.
And I would be safe from those who want to harm me.


Is this your purpose?
Can you bring me there?
Will you give me that golden spark of the divine?
Will you set me free from all of this pain?
Will you focus my mind?
Will you end all the tragedy of life?
Will you hold me like a child?
Will it all be over?
Haven’t we all suffered enough?
Haven’t we suffered enough?
When will we stop wandering?
When will we rebuild the temple?

The third temple will be built of veins and arteries and it will float in a muddy river of blood. There I offer myself as a sacrifice for the sake of all humanity. Then we will go forth, into a new golden age. And I will be free. And we will be free. And there will be Love flowing through the veins and arteries and through the river. And there will be Light! And there will be Darkness! And there will be Light and Darkness. And there will be Joy! And there will be Sorrow! And there will be Joy and Sorrow. And there will be wholeness! And there will be brokenness! And there will be wholeness and brokenness.