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The Task As I Understand It Currently

Posted on August 9, 2015 by Eli Steier

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Fall Creek Elementary

כולָנו עַם אֶחַד

We are all one people

نحن جميعا أمة واحدة


עוֹלָם שֶל מִשְפָחָת אַחַת

A world of one family

عالم من عائلة واحدة


יֵש רַק שָפָה אַחַת

There is only one language

هنالك فقط لغة واحدة


ואוֹתָה מְדַבְרִים הַיְלָדִים

and the children speak it

والاطفال يتحدثون بها


This poem was written in a completely different context then the current one, and in light of the murder of a Palestinian infant, takes on jarring and disturbing resonances. To me this speaks to the urgency of the message of the poem and may Hashem give us the strength and courage to get there.

“Fall Creek Elementary”..

Hebrew and English by Eli Steier

Translated into Arabic by Professor Mohammed Dajani