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Global Day of Learning

Posted on October 20, 2010 by David Bogomolny

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What is the Global Day of Learning?

Hi Everyone,

Get excited and mark your calendar! On November 7th, Pardes will join thousands around the world in a Global Day of Jewish Learning to honor Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz’ culmination of nearly five decades of groundbreaking work translating the Talmud, making it accessible to all Jewish people. The Global Day of Jewish Learning will honor that achievement by bringing together Jewish communities around the world in a historic, unifying celebration.

We hope that every person at Pardes (all students, all faculty, all staff) will join us to celebrate an idea and achievement that is a core value of Pardes; that Torah is a gift and every Jew has a place to learn and a place to share. In this spirit we are asking each of you to think about an idea from your studies at Pardes that has impacted you and express it any way that you feel most comfortable. This could be a couple lines, a poem, or a long dvar torah; this may be visual art piece or even performance art. Do it in your own language, make it colorful, be yourself. Some themes to think about may be Environment; God; Love; Leadership; Miracles; Prayer; or Tzedaka.

Our only rule is that each piece must be submitted by Sunday, October 31st to be compiled and ready to release to the world on November 7th. Please submit your piece to elondon AT live DOT com.

We hope that this day and our ideas will not just reinforce our appreciation for the texts that define us, but also inspire hope in the commonalities that unite us. To remind us that – while we may be dispersed across the globe – we are bound together through our sacred sources and values.

Thank you very much. And please feel free to reach out to Eryn London, David Bookbinder, Vicki Raun, Ilana Cohen, or Ben Heligman with any questions or visit the event website at

Pardes Global Day of Learning Team