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Abraham Stood Here

Posted on October 24, 2010 by Jean

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September 14 was the first time that our Chumash class was scheduled to last four and a half hours. Everyone was a bit dismayed at the prospect, so after chevruta study, Rav Meir took us on a quick march to the Tayelet, a promenade that overlooks a stunning view of Jerusalem. (Note well: he also said that there are many trail heads nearby.)

The Tayelet was built in a region that was “no-man’s land” during the War of Independence. From it, you can see the Old City, East Jerusalem, and the Mount of Olives. The Dead Sea was visible to our right and Tel Aviv was behind us. (Each time that I’m reminded of how small Israel is, I’m amazed again.) Wikipedia notes that, “The Jerusalem Peace Forest descends along the slope below the Promenade. The Jerusalem municipality plants a tree in this forest for every child born in Jerusalem, representing the eternal hope of peace bridging the Arab and Jewish populations.”

Meir told us that tradition says the spot on which we stood was where Abraham saw the mountain that would become the Temple Mount. “On the third day, Abraham looked up and saw the place from afar.”

What a great way to keep us all alert for Torah study– with something that is also Torah study! He’s such a fantastic teacher.

Bryan asked a pretty, young soldier to take a picture of our class:

He also took this wonderful picture of the Rambash: