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Bigdei Balagan

Posted on December 29, 2010 by Shibley

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The weather in Israel is very frustrating. I have made much about the ongoing lack of rain, and the implications the drought has on daily water usage. However, in a more light hearted assessment, I want to point out how selecting an outfit is incredibly difficult.

What do I mean? When I leave the apartment in the morning (7:00), the temperature could be in the low 50s (We’ll use F). I’m wearing a long sleeve shirt, a fleece, and a light jacket, which keeps me plenty warm on my short walk to Pardes, plus it gives me something to wear during the hour or so when my sleeve is rolled up for t’fillin during shacharit. By lunch time (1:00) the temperature can reach the upper 70s and the same outfit can be worn with all of the appropriate zippers open provided that you walk in the shade. Walk in the sun however, and you’re instantly too warm. After lunch (2:15), that combination is too hot for me regardless of the sun-shade situation. When classes conclude (5:00) the unzipped jackets can return, and then by the end of night learning (9:00 or later), they again need to be zipped up.

So as you can see, selecting the correct attire can be just as important as trying to save water.