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Who are We, a mosaic…

Posted on September 23, 2012 by Avigayle Adler

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The theme of the first Shabbaton this year was “Creating Community”. The first day of the retreat we focused on the individual and workshops were titled, “Who am I?” taking this idea and moving forward into the idea of building community I thought why not do a mosaic which symbolizes Pardes (the pomegranite).

A mosaic by definition is made up of its many parts, all unique in size, shape, color, etc. To me, this is what Pardes has always been about; taking individuals with their own stories, colors, etc and life experiences and together creating something greater than the sum of our parts. Here I am working with several children of Pardes staff and students on creating our mosaic. Look out for it, coming soon to a Pardes hallway near you…

An article about me was recently published in The Jerusalem Post. Please feel free to read my story and post your comments.

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