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shabbos medicine

Posted on September 28, 2013 by Eva Neuhaus

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small i am convinced that judaism contains within it all of the spiritual technology we need to heal the wounds we have experienced in the history of our people. i notice the survival patterning in my body–my inability to stop running and striving and lurching forward for fear that i will die–how hard it is for me to stop and actually be inside of shabbat time for 25 hours–this feels like a beautiful eternity that i cannot afford. since my family fled europe and exploded all over the world during the second world war we have not lived in the same place for more than one generation and what i know how to do best is keep moving. the medicine of shabbat is working me over, unraveling the relentless striving; exposing the seductive maw of perfectionism; inviting me to revel in stillness for a day and be whole.

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