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Oprah, Freud, and G-d

Posted on October 4, 2013 by Deborah Renert

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Oprah: “I don’t need to tell you all that this is the interview of a lifetime….And G-d has insisted that Freud speak first.”
Freud: I know that You are merely a projection of the human imagination, particularly those with a pathological need for an authority figure in the sky.
G-d: What a reductionist you are Freud! Do you think that My existence is contingent on human imagination?! I existed before you and Nietzsche were born and after you die I will exist….
Freud: Even if there is a G-d, I abhor all of those obsessive-compulsive behaviors in which people engage in the name of G-d and religion.
G-d: I prefer to think of religious behavior as a mitzvot behavioral modification program.
Freud: What is wrong with normal human behavior as the goal?
G-d: I am actually committed to human happiness and you people have so much to learn…
Freud: What do you mean? People are born with so many problems and pathologies….
G-d: And you blame the mother–who together with the father and Myself–create the existence of a human being in this world.
And while I do not insist on feelings, I do ask that you all engage in behavioral act that facilitate a sense of respect and awe for those people who gave you life and feed and clothe you.
I actually want you to feel control over your life and not feel like the victims of unconscious forces, desires, and whims….I want you to experience inner and outer freedom….
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