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Uncircumized Lips in Song

Posted on February 17, 2014 by Max Einsohn

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Max JaredHave you ever wondered what Moses would have said to Pharaoh, as he led the Israelite people out of Egypt? Last week, in our Chumash class, our teacher Rabbi Levi Cooper challenged us to reflect in writing on some of the “big picture” questions that arise from our Exodus story. During class, a few of our classmates chose to write a song, based on the idea that Moses, having “uncircumcised lips” (i.e. a stutter), finally could convey clearly to Pharoah his thoughts… but only in song. The song includes references to things we learned in class, commentaries we’ve learned, and midrash that we’ve included in our exploration of Shemot. Hope you enjoy our story in song from Moses to Pharaoh!

Goodbye pharaoh! it’s time to go! I hope you know! it’s not personal
Goodbye pharaoh, we’re leaving town, to serve hashem, bring the Torah down

You asked for a blessing, its coming now, we’re peacing out, by the morning light

May you come to see, the world like me, in clarity, live with dignity (Chorus)

You were a puppet, you played the part, what will happen, to your hardened heart?

Did you learn a lesson? There’s only one god, ain acheriim, elohim Echad

The plagues were rough, not my idea, coulda let us go, after the first blow

Do you remember, how they go? Here they come, one by one

Bridge (Em A7 G B7) Dam (Blood) sfardeya (frogs) kiniim (lice) arov (swarms)
Dever (pesticelande- what the heck is that?) and secheen (boils) barad (fire hail?!) arbeh (locusts)
Hosech, a lot of hosech, another day of hosech, makat bechorot
Sorry, but not so sorry, it’s hard to be sorry, when you when you enslaved us (Chorus)

Wonder what will be, after we leave, we saw you pee… But gods don’t have needs

Your secrets out, tell the hartumiim, that it seems, god crushed their dreams

Uncircumcised lips, work better in song, been waiting to sing this, “let my people go!”

Chorus x 2 + goodbye pharaoh! it’s time to go! So glad you know…. hashem Echad

Video by Judy Gerstenblith
Singers (L to R): Hannah Elovitz, Max Einsohn, Sam Hollander, Candace Mittel
Guitar: Max Einsohn