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Torah of New Snow

Posted on March 1, 2014 by Hirsch Fishman

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Laurie Franklin (Year '13) sent us this poem, written as she
watched a blizzard and read from Kedushat Levi:

Laurie Franklin is the spiritual leader and rabbinic intern at Har Shalom. She can be reached at laurief AT har-shalom DOT org.

Torah of New Snow

223293_10150588562025543_646507_nTorah of New Snow, after Kedushat Levi
White feathers of ice cover the ground,
White Torah, ayin, filled with light.
We scurry through it, dark otiot,
Hiding and revealing as we move,
The light of words unexpressed.
This parchment, lines scribed by deer hooves, car tires, cross country skis,
Waits for revelation.
Easy as snow, Moshiach could be here in a few hours.