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[Alumni Guest Post] I live in Brooklyn?!

Posted on August 9, 2014 by Laura Marder

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From my blog:

laurmarEmotions are high as I walk the streets of Brooklyn and even venture into the big city. I just keep walking. Trying to get my mind to catch up with my physical being.

I am no longer wandering the streets of Jerusalem.

These are not the same people, not the same corner stores, not the same language.

Am I the same?

I have come back to American, back to where I grew up, but I feel foreign. I felt foreign in Israel too. I always knew I had an expiration date on my life there. But now I am setting up life for an indefinite amount of time. It feels so grown up. Scary but exciting at the same time. I can’t stop counting my blessings as I make this big move.

Over the last few years I have learned so much about myself and who I want to be in this world. I have begun to dive into the world of Torah study and spirituality. I have become a leader and someone of influence. I have found people who inspire me in their daily actions and words. I have been exposed to some of the most magical teachers and talented colleagues. I sit now in a bar on the corner near my house, stealing wifi. I am beginning to delve into my curriculum and plan for the coming year of teaching at Hannah Senesh Community Day school.

I plan to have a classroom that feels like a home. A home where students walk into and are excited to continue their projects and learn new material. I want it to feel like a place that they feel pushed to be their best versions of themselves. Where I am seen as a role model for living and loving the Torah I teach. I know the first year of teaching is the toughest. I am nervous. But I also am in shock that I am about to become such an important part of so many students lives. I am honored that I an qualified to be in such a position and to be exposed daily to young excited minds.

I will be blogging my teaching experience and tracking things that work and don’t work. I will also be keeping track of my life progressing in Brookyln. I have always wanted to write a diary and keep track of my crazy life. I think now is the time!