These and Those

Musings from Students of the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem

[PCJE] Ascent/Descent Pt. 2

Posted on December 3, 2014 by Geo Poor

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Geo PoorForms dart and flow
drip and flight
not liquid quite
not the light of sight
but a charged shadow byte
that drift up and down, in and out
bringing energy – dangerous healing energy
life giving – kivyachol

And each one, like us, is unique
and though there is only One
each is distinct
a piece of one here
a piece of one there
with a slight differentiation that is lost by the eye

And one speaks
and One speaks
you do not belong here
though you are of here
don’t you remember what you were taught?
lest you think we are water, water
lest you are missing the key
lest your thoughts turn to another
do not contemplate the other side

And I respond

And if you don’t care
and want to tempt
you can dip in this liquid fire
but there are no answers for you here
we, who know so much more than you
we, who are pure beyond your imagining
we, who can do no wrong
even we are nothing as you
searching as you

Our water can be scattered
evaporated by His wish
our fire doused even by fire
our energy drained in one moment
as if we were
and had always been

And yet you come to us for help
as if you had no greater tools than we
nothing of which we could be jealous
and you ASK why it is not safe?

back yourself out
move forward
and go back down that golden spiral
Your world/home is out there