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Turkey: Countdown to Departure

Posted on February 20, 2018 by Maxim Delchev

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Countdown to departure to Turkey: 15 hours. I am starting to complain about not really being ready or packed. And everyone is asking me the same questions: Are you packed? Are you excited? Are you ready? And I am giving the same answers: No. Yes. I don’t know.

Countdown to departure: 12 hours: Still not ready, but started packing. It is not a traditional packing. We are not going on a holiday. So instead of swimsuit I have to put 6 boxes with puzzles and presents. I have to make an important decision: what is more important, another coat or 250 chocolate gold coins. I think Turkey is a warm country and I will survive. Coins are more important. Especially if they are chocolate.

Still asking myself the same questions. Are you packed? No. Are you excited? YES! Are you ready? Don’t think so.

Countdown to departure: 3 hours. I think I am packed. Puzzles, check. Gold coins, check. (Mom, if you are reading this, I managed to squeeze the coat in. Don’t worry). I am excited but I am not really ready. I hope to be soon.

Arriving at the airport – speaking to the Security guard. What is the purpose of your visit to Turkey? We are going to visit the local community and we are going to teach in the local Jewish school and celebrate Shabbat together with them. That sounds great. Are you ready? Yes. Good. Last question: Why you have so many chocolate gold coins? You should follow the Pardes blogposts from Turkey and you will see. Tov. Have a nice flight.