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Who says art projects are for kids?!

Posted on September 18, 2012 by Laura Marder

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In our busy daily lives we are programmed as adults to subdue some of our pure emotions in order to be socially acceptable. Sometimes if not addressed through meditation, prayer, alone time etc ..our pure self can be pushed so far below the surface that even we forget who it is we really are. On the Shabbaton, in the spirit of starting fresh for a new year and discovering our pure soul, Elisha led a session on expressing our pure soul on paper. We studied the Modeh Ani and focused on expressing who we want to strive to be as our pure selfs. We were told to express ourself on paper. While sitting on the beautiful balcony we were supplied with all of the tools and relaxation to just be with ourselves and the paper. Some of us didn’t know what it was we were even drawing at first. Others had a plan but then even more expression was revealed naturally. After painting and drawing we came together and shared what we had intended on our papers. With just a few strokes of color and words of explanation a sense our our true desires started to become clearer. People pointed out different things in each others paintings and shared interpretations. It was extremely cleansing to just relax and express ourselves with no specific expectations.

My roommates, Hannah and Naomi, also participated in this session. When we all came home with these art projects we decided that they had to go up on the wall. It is now Tuesday night and Rosh Hashana has just ended. We hung up our pictures in the hallway. All so proud of our work because it came from our hearts. At quick glance you may walk into our house and think we have kids who have done us proud with a painting so we just had to hang it up! However, at second glance you will see our unique expression. Coming home every day and seeing these paintings on our wall will help me stay checked in with myself this new year.
Shana Tovah!