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the winds give me courage

Posted on December 6, 2012 by Shoshana Rosen

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Originally posted on my blog:

With every word I am writing I am telling my 10 year old self-you can do it
With every spelling mistake I am telling my high school self, you will get through this
With every period.
I am showing my college self
There is more
I promise

Rav kook used to go to bed early
And would wake up
To the wind coming through his window
He would then bo so inspired by the Jerusalem wind
That he would wake up, sit at his desk, and write.

King david used to put his harp by the window
And let the night winds play it

And here I am, being inspired by the Jerusalem pure air.
I have never written poem things like this in my life.
But something here in Jerusalem
Has inspired, stirred something in me.
I hope you enjoy reading them.
Would love to hear what you think.
I hope wherever you are, you are also inspired.

Open to me,
Let go
Stop looking at others
Observing their secret emotions
Instead of observing what you want
What can I do for you?
how can this wall made of stone become a wall of mirrors?
Can you reflect what I am scarred to look at alone
I am here
The moss, bushes, peaking through the cracks and pigeons that make their home
And the letter that fell on the ground and gets stopped on by others who poured their souls
To reach on their tippy toes to the crack that holds their prayers

What I really wanted to say is, I am here for you, when you are authentically ready to show me your true self
I am here
I will be waiting.

And I said thank god
But what I was really thinking was why god
Just as I was beginning to feel my smile break through my crusted lips
I yelled
But there was no sound
Only air
The first morning light peeking through the dark night sky
As I laid in the ambulance aware of every bump in the road
I should have stayed home cuddling.

What if we were to sit
With history below our feet
And future above our heads
And all we had was this moment
The space between my chair and yours
My coffee and your tea