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My ‘Third Story’ Midrash Poem

Posted on January 1, 2014 by AdAm Mayer

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AdAm MayerDaniel Roth presented our ‘Judaism and Conflict Resolution’ class for Jewish Educators with this assignment, and below is the ‘Third Story’ poem that I wrote about Jacob and Esav:


3s4uWe’re not exactly bad guys, but ever since dad died

I’ve meant to get back at him, that trickster, that thief,

who stole my place as firstborn while in my grandfather’s grief,

but worse – the curse of being cheated out of the blessing

my blessing from my father, just for me, tricked and stolen like honey from a bee

now it’s all on me to make things right, and here I come ready for a fight.


j4c0bAfter years of silent hatred and fear I see my bigger brother coming near

And with him march 400 men, This is the terrifying news I hear

These men seem mean, they’re armed to the teeth, I turn to God, I’ve got to believe

Still I split up up my all my family, I send gifts to please, maybe one of these things will appease

the insatiable drive of my red brother, I really don’t want to be a dead brother.

Its the moment of truth, time for God to act, I bow down to my brother, hope that God has my back.

I see death in his face as he draws near, he opens up his mouth, he can smell my fear.

But my neck is tall and my head is high, If this is how I go, I raise my eyes to the sky.

AYY, is how the scream goes, its not my scream though; I only dreamed so.

He could feel my surprise, I could feel his teeth fly.

you know this man seems mean and he’s armed to his teeth, but God’s got my back and now I believe.

And so I leave.