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Posted on November 5, 2012 by The Director of Digital Media

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Making Aliyah is always an exciting and challenging adventure, and every year a few Pardesniks decide to remain here in Israel when most of their friends return to their homes in the diaspora. Adjusting to a new life and culture is complicated, and keeping regularly in touch with friends and family outside of Israel can be challenging. However, thanks to the Internet (Skype, blogs, e-mail, etc.) this has become much easier today than in years past.

In an effort to remain connected with their loved ones around the world after their Aliyah, Stef Jadd Susnow (Year Program ’06-’07, PEP ’07-’09) and Matt Susnow (Year Program ’06-’07) have decided to chronicle their adventures on their new blog called ‘Life as Israelis’. They’re currently up in Haifa, which is rather different than Jerusalem, so it will be interesting to follow their Aliyah process as they settle into their new ‘Life as Israelis’.

Stef and Matt, we wish you much simchah & hatzlachah! Mazal Tov!