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Great news from Gift of Life!

Posted on February 26, 2013 by Laura Marder

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It has been a little over a month since my stem cell donation with Gift of Life. During my donation and this past month I have had a really hard time showing and even personally feeling my emotions. It is like I put up a block. Some of you have seen me those few times that the block cracked a bit , but it went right back up. I felt tense and unsure. Even a bit angry at times. I hated being called a hero. I didn’t even want all the cool gifts that Gift of life sent me, like a mug, lunch box, sweatshirt, and gym bag. It all made me feel nervous and weird about the possibility of the donation not working. I knew mentally that I had done my part and I should be proud of that. But emotionally that wasn’t good enough for me. I couldn’t rejoice on my mitzvah before getting that phone call. A few hours ago I missed a call from my Gift of Life coach. With shaking nervous hands I called her back. When she said, “Laura your recipient is doing very well, she was discharged yesterday and feels good, your stem cells were a great match and it worked!”, I felt my whole body breath. All blocks tumbled down and I began sobbing on the phone. I right away called my parents and texted my friends and posted to facebook, everyone has been there with me and gone through the whole process holding my hand and praying with me. We all felt the sense of relief. It was as if I had been calling them to tell them about how someone in my family was doing. It is amazing how strongly we all feel connected to my recipient. I could almost picture her walking out of the hospital and smiling as she got back to her home with her family.
I am amazed by the miracle of modern medicine and that saving someone’s life with just some shots and needles is possible. Any pain I had gone through now feels like a bruised knee compared to the full bodied joy I am experiencing now.

I pray that my 6 month update is even better and I have the chance in a year to meet this woman who has become such a huge part of my life.

Please visit the Website for more information or feel free to ask me anything!

Please visit the Website for more information or feel free to ask me anything!