These and Those

Musings from Students of the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem

Holy Arithmetic

Posted on May 16, 2013 by Laurie Franklin

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An outlander arrives in J-town.
Not my first time and G!d-willing, not my last.
In a newish role: student, not teacher!
The book is open.

Minus one

Disequilibrium: distance from home and life partner,
Jitters, does anyone understand who I am?
Do I understand who I am
In this novel circumstance?

Plus one

I find chevrutot.
One and one make holy infinity.
We read texts,
And their words speak.

Counting blessings

I walk Jerusalem streets,
Pinch me!
What IS it about this place?
With its warts and bumps,
I am in love:
Friday morning at the shuk
Shabbat, a hug from Shechinah
Sunrise at the Wall
Cats cats cats
Dreams of peace as sirens sound
Desert quiet
Golan in spring flowers
Tzedakah, tzedakah, tzedakah
Zmirot at the table
Roses and lemons in winter
Chametz fires, warming up for Lag b’omer
“Chag Sameach” from strangers at 2 am on Shavuot


Pardes took care of me.
I walk in the sun of learning
With greater devotion, deeper commitment, and new friends.
Thank you teachers, friends, family and the One.