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[Alumni Guest Post] Pardes Summer Program 2013

Posted on August 15, 2013 by Talia Kern

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Here is the poem I read at the closing lunch
for the '13 summer program:


We started Pardes on the eighth of July
Little did we know, that time would fly
At our opening circle, there are so many names
“Come hear about the classes,” Alex exclaims.

Nechama, Tzvi, Yaffa, Reuven, who should we choose?
Every single teacher got great reviews!
We chose a chavruta and chose him/her well,
We needed to make sure the chemistry would gel.

Our community lunches were always a ball,
Other days many of us would go to the mall.
David Berman’s muffins were a wonderful treat,
With interesting fillings they were always replete.

We learned Chassidut, Shabbat, philosophy and more,
Questions, controversy and knowledge galore.
Israeli music, sedom, and let’s not forget,
The four faces of Israel, passionate from the onset.

On our Tiyulim we didn’t know what to expect
A straight walk or a hike, not sure what we’d get.
Arlene made sure that everyone was okay,
The office staff made sure we always had a great day.

We concluded our time with Mike’s inspiring Tisch,
With cake, cookies, wine, and some weird looking fish.
Our community at Pardes bonded as a whole,
As we sang a song together with one voice, one kol.

As our time is now over, I’ll be sad but I know,
That every single one of you has helped me grow
Although I’m sure we’ll miss each other very much,
We’ll meet in Yerushalayim soon and get back in touch.

~ Tali Kern